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Janet Logan is the founder of My Coaching Services. She is an ICF, Professional Certified Coach who has an extensive background in Human Resources in the retail industry. She enjoyed a progressive and successful career as HR Director for Party City, The Sports Authority, Linens N Things and Costume SuperCenter.   Over the years, Janet partnered with CEOs, Board of Directors and many executives while at the same time, helped thousands of employees and managers to develop their careers for their personal success as well as the company's. Janet's strengths and passion have always included working with employees and executives; mentoring, challenging and coaching them to maximize their strengths.     Now, as a Professional Certified Coach, Janet helps her Career Coaching clients:  
  • ·    Take control and manage their careers; develop their individual career path for deeper satisfaction.
  • ·    Figure out what they want to do next; align their career with the life they want to live.
  • ·    Write professionally written resumes.
  • ·    Improve their confidence to interview.
  • ·    Provide guidance through the entire career search process.
  • ·    Remove limiting beliefs and self-doubt.
    She helps her Business Coaching clients by partnering with them:
  • ·    Coaching for their self-growth and development.
  • ·    Recruiting and hiring top talent and developing them to great employees.
  • ·    Provide interview training, tips and techniques.
  • ·    Write employee handbooks for fair and consistent policies and procedures reducing risk.
  • ·    Create and maintain a culture where people love to come to work, contribute and produce results.
  Janet is also an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and is certified in the Pink Ribbon Program as a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist. She herself is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Through her own recovery, she had a deep desire to help other women in their Breast Cancer healing process. She uses the Pink Ribbon Program to help these clients with:  
  • ·    Regaining strength and mobility in the affected areas.
  • ·    Reduce feelings of depression.
  • ·    Improve self-confidence and control.
  • ·    Enhance energy levels.
  • ·    Help to control weight.
  • ·    Improves sleep.
  • ·    Alleviates fatigue.
  • ·    Decreases stress and tension.
  • ·    Enhances physical and mental well-being.
  She also helps her Health & Wellness clients for overall improvements including physical fitness, healthy diet and lifestyle.   Janet is a member of the following organizations:
  • ·    ICF - NJ Chapter
  • ·    Pink Ribbon Program
  • ·    Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce
  • ·    IDEA
  • ·    AFAA
  • ·    BIG - Believe Inspire Grow
  • ·    NJAWBO - NJ Association of Women Business Owners
  Regardless of your age, years of experience or gender, coaching with Janet will provide:
  • ·    Increased self-confidence - you will truly know your value and capabilities with new-found energy.
  • ·    Feeling of empowerment - you will make decisions that will have an immediate positive impact.
  • ·    Her 100% commitment and dedication to your success.
  Everyday more and more people appreciate Janet’s openness and honesty, her strength and perseverance and they love how she helps them with their challenges; Career & Business Coaching and Health & Wellness Coaching. She relates to them and assists them through real examples, exercises and results.     Schedule a session email Janet@MyCoachingServices.com or call Janet 973-876-8572.            

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