• Individual Coaching is conducted over the phone for various reasons, but most importantly for convenience and flexibility. With everyone's busy schedule, it's easier (and relieving) to schedule a phone call in the comfort of one's own home, office, car, anywhere... without having to add commuting time to an appointment. However, if preferred Janet also has in-person sessions available. Most sessions last 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Group Coaching is designed for groups, affiliations or associations who would benefit from weekly interactions with their coach and other like-minded members all working toward their own individual, yet common goal. Recommended group size should not exceed 10 members.
  • Workshops are more instructional, although interaction and participation is invited; workshops are a great way to get started on a goal especially when there are financial constraints limiting individual sessions.
  • Email Coaching is best when finances are limited. Experience the benefits of professional coaching with a reduced investment. All emails are confidential and personal to you.
  • Employer Coaching - use Life Coaching as an Employee Benefit. The positive energy surrounding Life Coaching automatically improves the employee's focus, motivation and success. These sessions can be work or personal related. Career example: Creation and/or accountability to development plan. Personal example: Quit smoking. Any goal has possibility!
  • HR Consulting  - Growing Small Business Owners who know that if they want to continue to grow their business, they're going to have to become an employer... but what does that mean? My Coaching Services provides the assistance you need!
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